Our Guest Experience team makes a difference week after week at Pathway, and on Sunday, March 26 we want to thank you, celebrate you, and further train you.

Following the 11:45am Worship Experience, we will meet in the Pathway Auditorium, and lunch will be provided.

We ask that our current Guest Experience Serve Team members join us for this workshop. 


You, our current Guest Experience Serve Team members, are our #1 ambassadors for this team. Pastor JW’s challenge is for you to invite someone to join us at the workshop that you know would be a good fit for the team. We are growing faster than ever before, and the time is now to build this team, and we can not do that without your help. Can you invite one person to join us to observe and see if they would be interested in joining the team? We think you can! We’re so confident in you that we just might have something up our sleeve for those that take the challenge! 

Sign up today! We’re excited to grow together!