Grow Classes were developed to intentionally help you live a Christ-like life. Healthy things grow, and growing things change, so no matter where you are in your journey of faith our desire is that everyone take part in the Grow Classes.


Develop A Healthy Concept Of God

Learn to hear from God, understand the value of His word, and ensure you have a healthy concept of who He is.

Week 1 | How do I see God
Week 2 | How does God see me
Week 3 | The Bible has all authority
Week 4 | Hearing God


Experience True Freedom

Everyone needs freedom! Live Free is designed to help you live in the freedom Jesus gives. You will learn about inner healing, how we unknowingly open doors to the influence of the enemy in our lives, how to take our authority back, dealing with unforgiveness, and tearing down strongholds in our lives.

Week 1 | Everyone Needs Freedom
Week 2 | Open Doors
Week 3 | Cleaning House
Week 4 | Tearing Down Strongholds


Discover God's Heart For Finances

God owns it all! Through these four classes, you will learn about the principle of the first, how good stewards hear, believe, and obey the voice of God, and finally, what the life of a blessed steward looks like. Join us as we discuss how living by the biblical principles of stewardship helps us grow in our relationship with God!

Week 1 | Who’s the Owner
Week 2 | The Principle of First
Week 3 | Good Stewards Hear, Believe and Obey
Week 4 | Blessed Stewards


“Whether prayer changes our situation or not, one thing is certain: Prayer will change us!” – Billy Graham.

Learn to defend your beliefs, answer tough questions, and share the gospel with confidence.

Develop effective methods for reading, reflection, and application.

What's Your Next Step?

The journey of following Jesus happens step by step and while no two journeys are the same we're here to help you every step of the way. To help you on your journey we've selected a few NEXT STEPS that might be a good fit. Click below to take your NEXT STEP.

Attend First Step
Attend First Step
Join The Serve Team
Join The Serve Team
Get In A Lifegroup
Get In A Lifegroup